This great adventure started with the catchy protestsong ‘Get ready for me!’ which was released on May 24 2023. Using the same lyrics as a message, and still having a dream of creating and releasing an up tempo dance hit, ‘Now Is Our time’ is the natural successor of Get ready for me! It was released on August 18 2023.

Get ready for me! and ‘Now Is Our Time’ are about empowerment and breaking free from oppression, promising to captivate audiences with its distinctive sound and message.

jael lois altijd wel wat popopportunity

Altijd wel wat

‘Altijd wel wat’ is a very super catchy popsong in Dutch. It is a short song of 2,5 minutes that really resonates once you’ve heard it for the first time. It has a cool beat, great lyrics and an awesome singing line. The wonderful voice of Jaël Loïs is clearly made for singing meaningful popsongs in Dutch. Also please appreciate the high level of production and mastering. Also please enjoy the mesmerizing videoclip.

popopportunity record sleeve get ready for me

Now is our time!

‘Now Is Our time’ is a great danceable pop tune, meant to have you dancing like there is no tomorrow. The exciting guitar riffs make the song stand out and add a rough and compelling bite. Add to that the catchy synthesizers, blending the sound of the 80’s fluently with contemporary beats. We like to believe it is a mix of Coldplay, Swedish House Mafia and Depeche Mode. ‘Now Is Our time’ also comes with an intriguing videoclip, starring a young and amazing Belgian actress. The mesmerizing combination of captivating images and the outstanding performance of the actress really makes the lyrics and message come alive!

popopportunity record sleeve get ready for me

Get ready for me!

Get ready for me! is especially meant to make you sing along. Very well suited for singing it together in the pub with a nice drink in your hand. Or in bigger crowds where you are supporting your favorite team. One could qualify this song as a mixture of folk and country music. We like to think that we have been influenced by many other musicians but in this case we have especially warm memories with Crowded House and The Pretenders.