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POPOPPORTUNITY is here to set the stage on fire with their debut dance single ‘Now Is Our Time (no never no more)’! This dynamic and international collective is crafting catchy and meaningful Pop anthems that strike right at the heart of human emotions. ‘Now Is Our Time’ is an electrifying song that breaks free from oppression, leaving you feeling empowered and ready to conquer the world. ‘Now is our time’ is a great danceable pop song, very up tempo, with fascinating guitars riffs and compelling synthesizers, fluently blending the sound of the 80’s with contemporary beats. With his mesmerizing melodies and a burning passion for creating infectious pop hooks, Perry Moorman is the beating heart of Popopportunity. He’s the genius behind the brand name that represents the collective’s mission to make every moment count.

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Teaming up with Perry is the multi-talented Hans Krohn – a producer with Dutch and Danish roots. Hans also lent his vocals and played various instruments, contributing to the songs unique charm. Countless hours of experimenting and fine-tuning went into crafting ‘Now Is Our Time’; resulting in an exhilarating track that’s nothing short of perfection. It’s a testament to their unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch pop music that leaves you craving for more. And that’s not all! Popopportunity has pulled out all the stops to ensure that ‘Now Is Our Time’ hits your ears with an epic bang. The renowned Belgian mixer/producer, Guus Fluit, worked his magic to make the song come alive in ways you won’t believe. Listen to ‘Now Is Our Time’ and embrace the empowerment anthem that will have you singing along and dancing like there’s no tomorrow!

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All lyrics have been written by Perry Moorman. Perry has a degree in business economics and is married to Heleen. They have two dogs, four cats and counting… They are partly living in the Netherlands and Spain.

Hans Krohn has been a musician and producer for some time now but is still keeping his fulltime job as a biotechnician in a laboratory environment. Hans took care of producing Get ready for me! and has released some earlier songs under his artist name Hans Henrik. Hans is married to Inge. They have two sons and one cat and are currently living in Belgium.

Get ready for me! has been mixed and mastered by Sefi Carmel, a world famous sound designer. ‘Now Is Our time’ has been produced by Guus Fluit, a very well-known- high end producer in Belgium. Mastering has been done by Robin Schmidt, a very famous German mastering artist, responsible for many big hits.

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